Folks, I would like to set a tentative date of Thursday December 21st for our annual winter Court of Honor starting at 630pm approximatley. Location TBD. It may be a moving date and I will do my best to set this in the next week so you can all plan.  We have several awards, merit badges and rank advancements to hand out to the scouts for much of their hard work since the last ceremony.  It would be great if we could make this event a pot luck supper.

Peter Switzer

SM Troop 14

Food for Thought

In a joint effort the boy scouts of Troop 14 and cub scouts of Pack 14 collected over 500 items of food that was donated directly to the local food pantry here in Marlborough, NH. This is such an important activity that has a direct benefit to so many families in our community.  A special thanks to the Delaney’s and Yatsevich families for helping seperate  & orgaize the food this year.

Big Changes!!!

I want to pass on a HUGE thanks to Wyatt for doing a great job as the Troop’s Senior Patrol Leader and Asst Senior Patrol Leader the past 5 years. While no one else was really up to the challenge or responsibility, he took it on and as a troop we would really watch him develop as a fantastic leader  during his time at camp with the rest of the boys.  To a level where the camp staff strongly suggested he be part of of their team next year.  Wyatt is about 18 months from completing his time in scouts and is going to serve the troop in a different capacity but will also be working hard to complete his Eagle project by the end of May.

With that said as a troop we have made some changes and last week we had everyone in attendence and the boys elected a new leadership team.  One of the requirements within our troop we have set to become the Senior Patrol leader is they have to have attain the rank of First Class.  All other leadership positions within the troop are available at any position.  Every year we will have a new SPL giving the boys in the troop the opportunity to develop as a leader.

Congrats to Jack L. for being elected as this year’s SPL.

Other positions that were elected include the following:

Patrol Leader- Nat Y.

Asst. Patrol Leader- Ethan B.

Scribe- Sammy P.

Quartermaster- Danny P.

Webmaster- Dan S.

Every year we will vote on positions and as the troop grows there will be plenty of opportunities for the boys to develop their leadership skills.  Congrats to all the scouts and their recent elections.

Yours in Scouting,

Peter Switzer

SM Troop 14


Scouts, on Tuesday prior to the hike we will be handing out popcorn sheets for you to use to help raise funds not only for our troop but also for the council.  Many of you get to experience some great things at Camp Bell this year and much of that would not be possible without the annual popcorn fundraising.  Last year we did about $1300 in sales and this year I would like to see us eclipse $1700 which means our troop would get north of $500 of the proceeds.  Please make a solid push tow sell at least $150 worth of popcorn per scout this fall.  There will also be the opportunity to raise some funds with the annual holiday wreath we also put on.  Last year a large percentage of our sales went right to the scouts whol sold the popcorn and some earned over $100 toards camp.

Peter Switzer

SM Troop 14


Folks, I am sure you have all been on the edge of your seat wondering when scouts will start so i am pleased to anounce we will start next Tuesday (September 19th).  In all probablity we may go to Monday nights at least till my daughter’s basketball season is over.  I realize there are several date conflicts so trying to establish the best day for everyone. Let’s look to get scouts started at 6pm no later as we may even go for a hike that night so please bring a headlamp. We will heading out to Eagle Rock near Dublin School.  We should be returning around 815pn.

I still have some shirts that scouts purchased and can hand those out.  If you still owe money for the shirts please send the money along.  Class A’s to start the meeting with a Class B uniform for the hike, also include a light snack and water.

I am also looking to add a hiking trip for the day to the White Mountains to climb a 4000’er so more to come on this but also we will be doing a fishing day as well.

Yours in scouting,

Peter Switzer

New Scouting season 2017-18

So after a successful camping week at Bell I am sure the scouts are roaring to get back into the saddle and particpate in some great activities.  We will look to start scouts in the next couple weeks so be on the lookout for the start date.

At the first meeting I will hand out the popcorn fundraising order forms and it would be great to see each scout sell at least $100 in popcorn but even at that this does not cover our troop’s expenses.  Last year we squeaked by at the time of re-chartering and I we did not collect any dues.  I have two parents who have volunteered to help me with the fundraising with the annual council popcorn and our holiday wreaths.  Like last year this is a great way to earn either summer camp credit or money towards gift cards to EMS if you want.

This year we really need to get back to a dues format but will be changing it some.  In the past we had charge as much as $40-45 per scout to participate in our program and even at that we did not have enough money to cover all the expenses which inlcude paying for the adult leaders & scouts re-charter, awards and equipment.  This year we will look to collect a $30 from each scout at the beginning of the season and then a $1 for each meeeting they attend.  The $1 per meeting should be earned by each scout as they perform a good deed whether it be helping with chores around the house, community involvement or some other activity you feel a $1 is worth the reward.  Each week the scout will submit their dues to the troop treasurer a position held by one of the scouts.

On a national level scouting costs have gone up and we need to make sure we cover our costs not only through the local council but also as a troop.  With our Main Crust fundraiser we were able to add some much needed coooking equipment to our inventory but also pay for awards handed out earlier in the summer.

Also this fall we will be holding elections for several positions including the Asst Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader and Patrol Leader.  Wyatt has been the troops Senior Patrol Leader for the past couple years and it is time for him to take on other challenges within the troop but also devote his time working on his Eagle project.  Wyatt has been a fantastic mentor to the younger scouts and will continue to do so when he is able to participate in meetings throughout the year.  It is time for other scouts to take on leadership roles within the troop.

This fall we have the opportunity to possibly earn the Fishing MB so we will try and squeeze that into our schedule.  Other activities to inlcude a hiking trip either up Monadnock or even to the White Mountains for they day.  We will also continie to work with the younger scouts on rank advancement but also trying to be outside as much as possible till winter hits.

I look forward to seeing all the scouts in the next couple weeks once we start back up!



Camp Bell 2017 a Success

Well another summer is disappeared into the books and our scouts are back in school.  So what does this mean? It means we need to continue with the same energy we had at camp and carry it through the 2017-18 season.  So all of the parents are aware camp was outstanding and I am extremely proud of what the boys accomplished.

The younger scouts of Tyler, Jack H., Dan and Sam P. worked very hard in the Curlews program for two day refining their scout skills which was highlighted with a hike into the wilderness followed by cooking, eating, building a shelter and sleeping under the stars.  These scouts were able to knock off several requirements in the Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and First Class ranks.

Nat Y. was elected by his fellow peers to join the Order of the Arrow if he so desires by attending an upcoming Ordeal weekend.  For those who don’t know the Order of the Arrow is the “national honor society of the BSA”.

Other highlights included having Ethan, Jack L and Wyatt attain their Brotherhood in the OA along with adult leaders Peter and Patrick.

Each of the boys spent a day on the water earning their Kayaking merit badge and for some that is their first MB so congrats.  They also earned the BSA snorkeling award as well.  While the younger scouts participated in the Curlews the older scouts of Ethan, Wyatt, Jack L and Nat all set out on the Lewis & Calrk expedition to discover the northwest.  Even the the trip was started by two scouts getting stung by sever ground wasps after stepping on thier home, their adventure was rewarded by a hearty porkchop meal on the Biolite grill.

For two days the scouts also spent time at Fire Fox honing in on their metal work skills comleting all but just a couple final requirements for the Metalworking MB.  Additionally the boys won their second straight Travois race award by coming in with the the quickest time over the summer.  The scouts also proved their ability to cook by winning for the third year in a row the Cast Iron Cookoff by taking home the Golden Spatula!  I think we are developing a dynasty.

All in all it was a great week with your scouts and I look forward to an exciting 2017-18 season.



For all of those scouts who are not traveling, marching in the band and are around please come to the Marlborough town library at 130pm to march in the Memorial Day Parade. This is a great opportunity for us to recognize the men & women who have defended our freedom.

I would request you wear your class A uniform and khaki or belted shorts if you have them. Please wear your neckerchiefs and merit badge sashes for those who have them.  If all you have is sport shorts than that is fine.  I also ask we make sure your shirts are tucked in.  I believe we will be handing out some survival bracelets during the parade to help out Main Crust Pizza who played a major role in our benefit diinner.
I would really like to see as many scouts as possible, last year it was only Wyatt and I.
Have a great holiday weekend.
SM Peter Switzer


It’s amazing what this troop can accomplish when everyone helps out.  For the first time in the history of the troop we had 100% participation in a fundraising event and with all of the effort put in we had an amazing night.  Through a combination of cash donations and proceeeds donated by Main Crust Co. we raised over $900 which will help us so much moving forward!  I really appreciate everyone coming by and lending a hand.  As the scoutmaster it makes my role within the troop easier and allows me to focus on the scouts.

A HUGE THANKS for Main Crust Co.  for partnering with us on this event.  Please thank Trent and his staff the next time you stop in.

I know several families travel over the memorial day weekend but for any of those that don’t and can particpate in the parade by handing out the American Legion paracord bracelets to help Trent (owner of Main Crust Co.) I would appreciate your time to be there.  More info to follow.

Yours in Scouting,

SM Peter Switzer


Benefit Dinner

I wanted to let everyone know that on Saturday April 29 at Main Crust Co. in Marlborough, NH from 12-8pm we are participating in a benefit dinner where a portion of proceeds from people dining in and takeout will be going directly to our troop.  We do need volunteer scouts to stay there in 2 hour blocks, starting at 2pm.  I can’t have this all fall on the shoulder of one or two scouts because all of you will benefit.

On Wednesday I will have a duty roster so you can sign-up for a time.  You can help deiliver food, bus tables and simply share the scouting spirit with those eating there. Please be sure to wear your uniform that day.

Yours in Scouting ,

Peter Switzer

Scoutmaster Troop 14

Main Crust Co-troop 14