Fantastic experience

Scouts and parents I wanted to send a note out to let you know what a fantastic shopping experience I had last night at the Peterborough EMS store location.  I am confident that their entire staff is like this however if you decided to go down there please be sure to ask for either Stephanie or Jillian.  Their attentiveness, knowledge, passion and friendly service is unlike anything you will get at any other outdoor equipment store.

I spent close to 90 minutes with Jillian learning about backpacks and daypacks mostly in the Osprey line but also EMS.  We also talked about packing a backpack a but also learning about sleeping bags and lightweight cooking stoves.  Don’t forget if you go down there please be sure to tell them you are with Troop 14 and you will get an extra 10% off regular or sale priced items.

I know many of our scouts need equipment like a good daypack, water bottles, hiking shoes, mess kits, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and even a backpack as we will be starting to do some overnight camping in tents in the wilderness.

If you have any questions let me know.  We will be having a backpack fitting seminar at EMS after the holidays for all scouts and parents to attend.

Yours in scouting,

Peter Switzer

Scoutmaster Troop 14

Great sale at EMS

Folks there is a great sale going on at EMS both on-line and in Peterborough.  They are having a a great sale right now and for those that want to get their scouts a daypack now is the perfect time.  The very same pack I use which is the Osprey Talon 22 is on sale for $59.95 normally $99.  There are some other slight bigger ones also but you should go down there and get properly sized.

Also a great time to look at backpacks as many are 30% off and as a scout in our troop you also get an additional 10% off even sale items.

We have developed a great partnership with EMS locally here in Peterborough where our scouts can get 10% off regular priced and sale priced items.  If you are interested in going to EMS this weekend please let me know so I can notify the store manager.  In the future I will give each scout and leader an id card to help identify themselves as members of Troop 14.

Yours in Scouting,

Peter Switzer

Scoutmaster Troop 14

We are looking to head up to Mt. Osceola after school on November 4th around 530pm.  We will drive up to Waterville Valley pitch tents, eat dinner and get a good night sleep as the troop will wake up early Saturday morning to eat a healthy breakfast prior to hiking up Mt. Osceola which is on the 4000′ mountain list here in NH.  If the weather is too cold to sleep over we will leave bright & early on Saturday morning around 630am and head up for the day.  Either way our plan is to be back Saturday night.

Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Rodden will be leading the “expedition” along with help of the Patrick Lyons and Ham Richardson.  Depending on my daughter’s basketball schedule I may or may not be there.

On the way home we will stop in Concord, NH for some pizza so probably best to send $5 with each scout to help with cost of food at dinner.  We will likely return around 830-9pm.

This trip will allow all scouts from new to those trying to attain Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class rank requirements.

Please let me know if you scout is interested in attending this event.

Things you will need:

hiking boots, hat, mittens, warm socks(no cotton), 2nd pair warm socks, long underwear, pants(technical or Carharts work ok), fleece, wicking shirt, long sleeve wicking shirt, wind breaker, (2) 32 oz water bottles or full camelback, daypack, healthy snack for hiking, good spirit! The key is to wear layers you can easily remove or put on.

If we spend the night you will need a sleeping mat, sleeping bag and tent.  We will let the scouts know how many tents we will need. If we go up Friday night we will stop at Subway on the way up to get dinner.  Therefore total cost for the trip may range from $5-$20 per scout.  This will also cover breakfast which the scouts will be using backpack stoves to make their meals!  These stoves will be provided.

I will be providing more details over the next two weeks.

Yours in Scouting,

Peter Switzer

Scoutmaster Troop 14


Fundraising update

Everyone is doing a great job fundraising so far, I really appreciate it.

Wreaths orders are due to me by Sunday October 30th.  Please make sure you have them to me by this date.

DD and Popcorn orders are due to me by Thursday November 3rd.  If you could each email me how many DD booklets you have sold so far I would appreciate it.

Thanks for your efforts!


Scoutmaster Troop 14

The Eagle has landed

I am honored and have the sincere privilege to announce that on Wednesday October 12th Life Scout Dan R. went in front of the Eagle board in Keene, NH and has now earned the rank of Eagle Scout.  It has been a long journey for Dan and something he dreamed of achieving going back to his Cub Scout days.img_1417

Dan has been a tremendous addition to our troop and we look forward to his next role in the troop serving as a Assistant Scoutmaster during school breaks and summer vacation.

Please take a moment to congratulate Dan R. in this once in a lifetime accomplishment!

Peter Switzer

Scoutmaster Troop 14



Good evening everyone, I have received some fantastic feedback from many of the scouts and parents from our week at Camp Bell.  So nice to hear and it makes me look forward to next summer even more for another amazing week of activities and working together as a patrol.  You need to defend the Travois and go for the 4-peat in the Cast Iron Cook Off!!!

It is that time of the year when our lives get busy again with everything from school, sports, activities and fall chores around the house.  I get it we are all busy and trying to find free time to get things accomplished is not easy.  We had our first lesson in survival in the wilderness this past Thursday where scouts were able to learn how to set-up and start backpack lightweight cooking stoves.  Next week we will look to continue the series with setting up a tent followed by packing your pack whether it is a daypack or backpack.  We are also looking to go camping this fall between now and mid-November for an overnight where they will cook their meals on these stoves and start learning more about high adventure.

This is also the time of the year we need to make a solid push in our fundraising efforts in order for the Troop to survive.  I can’t emphasize it enough.  As you are all aware I have yet to send an email out regarding annual dues and trying to minimize the financial impact on all of us and that is why fundraising is so important.  This is also an opportunity for the scouts to earn money towards camp or even camping related gadgets through gift cards from EMS, REI or Sam’s.

Some important dates:

Wreaths orders are due to me no later than Sunday October 30th and they will arrive and available for pick-up around the 18th of November.

Popcorn and Dunkin Donut are due Saturday November 5th and will arrive end of November.

I ask all the scouts to try and sell at least $100 of popcorn, anything above $100 the scout starts earning money for camp or gadgets.  DD cards the scouts get $2 for each booklet sold and with wreaths scouts can earn $2.50 for each wreath.

I look forward to see everyone next Wednesday at 630pm, feel free to bring a tent.

Yours in Scouting,

Peter Switzer

SM Troop 14


I wanted to let everyone know that scouts is starting this Wednesday.  In an effort to work around the sports schedule looks like at least during the school soccer season we will have scouts on Wednesday especially since this is the off-day for the team except for a couple game dates.

We will be going over many things including the kick-off of our unit popcorn and Dunkin Donuts fundraiser. This is an ideal time to help raise funds for the unit and our council but also give the scouts a chance to earn money towards summer camp or gear.

We will be meeting in in the upstairs area of the school in the atrium.  Scouts will start at 615-about 8pm.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Peter Switzer

Scoutmaster Troop 14


Camp Bell 2016

What a great week we had this year at Camp Bell.  The weather except for about a 3 hour window was dry all week.  The heat and humidity were a bit much especially when it was time to finally hunker down and get some sleep.  All in all it was very successful and the scouts accomplished a lot.  Each of the six scouts came out of Camp Bell earning at least two merit badges including our newest scout Jack H. from the famous Pair of Jacks.

We also saw the other Jack get nominated for the Order of the Arrow and was recognized in a special ceremony at the closing campfire Friday night.  Along with that we also saw several scouts including Nat and Will check off several rank advancements and should have no problem attaining first class by next summer so they can hopefully be nominated for the OA as well.

Some of the highlights of the week included three scouts on the first day of program getting up on waterskis- great job to Wyatt, Dan and Jack H!

Clearly we have some scouts who have talent at throwing tomahawks and shooting archery, but also saw some great knife-making and leather work.  Then again we also have scouts that can EAT.  All in all I think we blew through about 18-20lbs of bacon in five days, 200 mozzarella sticks, a ridiculous amount of french fries, more fried dough than at the Cheshire Fair, 24 pork chops, 4lbs of smoked sausage, 6 dozen eggs, endless pancakes and French toast, 6 tubes of cinnamon rolls, mountain man, Johnny Appleseed pork chops, Frito pie, oh did I mention the 9 pizzas we made on Sunday night, Chinese stir-fry and one massive tub of homemade mac & cheese!

The scouts needed the nourishment with their daily program activity and while not every activity was filled with excitement the scouts learned a lot about life at camp and that the patrol method is key to the success of the patrol.

I am proud to announce the scouts won the Cast Iron Cook-Off for the third year in a row, I think they are getting close to becoming a dynasty!  (BTW they can do dishes also!!!), they won their first Travois race even after starting 15 minutes behind the first team, and they won the Farm award for being the first patrol all summer to work on and earn the Plant Science merit badge.  Great to see them come home with three awards with the Travois and Cast Iron aka The Golden Spatula being two of the most coveted awards they had out at camp.

Finally, I wan to thank the leaders that helped pitch in and help me this week due to my work schedule. Also thanks to Dan R. our outgoing Senior Patrol Leader and Wyatt for leading and positively directing the scouts the adult leaders appreciate your efforts.  A HUGE thanks goes to Richard Crowe for being up there from Monday through Saturday Without his support camp would not be as successful as it is.  I must say though with another year under their belt, the older scouts know the routine and really started to click by Tuesday night which was a relief to see.  Also great to see how well the scouts all got along and participated in all types of activities day and night.

I look forward to an exciting year in scouts for the rest of 2016 and 2017.

Yours in scouting,

Peter Switzer

Scoutmaster Troop 14IMG_1331




It has been a long time coming…I felt the need of a more updated and modern looking site for our unit.  The old format through SOAR served us well, but after seeing what Carrington Fisk(Cubmaster Pack 14) accomplished with the new Pack 14 website I knew we also needed to make the change.

In all the research I did I determined at least 75% of the old site’s menu items we did not use.  The things I wanted to share the most like blog’s, articles, accomplishments or even photos, the old site made it challenging for me to upload and edit the way I wanted everyone to see.

We will see how this theme works over the next year and maybe we make the change again, but for now it is a new chapter in our troop and like the website I look forward to additional changes that will only make our troop stronger in the upcoming years.

Yours in scouting,

Peter Switzer

Scoutmaster Troop 14